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The first time I ever left the country was in January 2021; the height of the global pandemic. I decided to extend my college career all for the purpose of being able to study abroad at the Danish School of Media and Journalism for six months of my life. That’s I how I ended up in Aarhus, Denmark. This is just a highlight reel of my shenanigans though.

Here’s audio of me getting into the nitty-gritty details of my experience. I love this recording because it’s actually a year old and still very funny and oddly relevant. Also some side notes: I was awarded the Gilman Scholarship to fund my study abroad trip, however the government would not let me use it (big surprise), the obstacles were real.

Honorable Mentions of my Growth Experience

My favorite aspect of the program as a whole, was being able to travel around Europe on assignment! I was able to visit Poland, Barcelona, and Croatia. With that being said, I passed through Amsterdam, Germany and France.

Here are some photos from my trip to Warsaw, Poland:

My colleague and I were reporting on the “Rule of Law” during this trip. At first, I was a little afraid to travel to this country because of the COVID restrictions and how the people might treat me. Our travels were extremely smooth however, the political climate of Poland was tense. I noticed people sending me murderous stares and I was even followed around in a small second hand shop. Aside from that, I did meet a kind Afro-Cuban mind who reminded me of home. That small sentiment made the trip worth it. He seemed to be vibing the place out, painting all over the grey buildings and adding his smile to the city.

Next destination was Barcelona, Spain:

Spain was (and is) exactly like the movies. The city of Barcelona is vibrant, a multitude of colors fills the streets. I stayed here briefly because I was on Journalistic assignment, scrounging the streets for a story. I ended up writing about this artist who was imprisoned for making a song that critiqued the King’s laws. You can read my story here.

Next destination was Dubrovnik, Croatia:

I lost and found myself in Croatia. This was a divinely guided trip and at first, I was iffy about going because of money, but I divined on it and my guides said that I just had to go. So I went. I remember thinking about my ex a lot when I arrived there and eventually my mind shut that down. I said to myself, “look you didn’t even know Croatia existed and now you’re here enjoying a new city. You’re living your dreams.” I became rooted in my existence that day. Taking the gondola uphill to the highest point in Dubrovnik was just the cherry on top. As soon as I reached that peak, I knew exactly why my ancestors led me there. God shows off in the most beautiful ways.

Next stop (s) Milano, Bologna, Brescia, Venenzia, Italy:

This was definitely a TRIP. My partner and I went through the test of all tests and survived so I’m gonna say the trip was worth it. But yeah Italy is overrated and the food is mid. Going to the smaller cities was more enjoyable than going to the bigger ones. I loved Milan though because I met a lot of travel girlies and also the fashion was almost at the same level of nyc. I don’t recommend visiting Italy in the summer, lots of mosquitoes and its hot. Too hot. I did enjoy swimming in the Adriatic sea however, my partner taught me how to do a back float. That was kind of what saved our relationship hahaha

Last destination (for now) Guadalajara, Mexico:

I learned so much about myself and about my relationship from this trip. This was the most welcoming city I have ever been to. It felt like a second home. I loved how eye-opening and flavorful this trip was because I matured so much within the 7 days I visited there.