Elliott Erwitt vs. Tyler Mitchell: Capturing Humanity and Blackness

On July 15th, I had the opportunity to visit the Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini in Milano, Italy. I was immediately drawn to the famous photo captured by the photographer Elliott Erwitt, that depicted a young child on the back of a bicycle looking back with two baguettes fastened to the seat. As I trotted…


This shoot was one of my favorites with a local artist I enjoy- Sleepychi. “Good music inspires me.  And that feelin’ of creating something that you actually like, that YOU made, is different..” My personal favorite song by him is Gameover. The way the song feels is a mixture of nostalgia and euphoria. Kinda like…

Heaven on Earth

Myha- Heaven is an angel of this earth. She is a Film/Digital Cinema major from Sacramento who constantly pushes herself creatively (definitely one of my inspirations). Her mediums include: film photography, videography, digital art, sewing and writing. You can find her on instagram @messymoonbaby. xoxo- Ash  


This photoshoot was nothing slight of a dream with Sydney. “It’s just like playing a character honestly.” Sydney is a pop musician who produces and writes her own music. She’s pretty cool if you ask me. Creative Direction, Style, Makeup, Photo + Edit all by me ❤ Listen to Sydney use her instruments here

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This is a photo series of me being who I am and enjoying life with some friends. I hope you like it! I also made a song to go with, play it while you scroll through these photos. Luv Ashante ❤