A Wanderer, A Psychic, A Storyteller

Welcome to my virtual safe space! I’m a 23-year-old soul currently residing in Oakland, California. I started this blog to revitalize the meaning of believing in yourself. This is my space to express who I am through poetry, news articles, features, monologues, pictures and everyday life. I also explore myself with this blog through my deep innerstanding of African Spirituality. The Asante Sankofa tradition is: “Recognizing our past and using it to inform the future.”

Aside from being a blogger, I am also a performing artist in the Bay Area, a musician and spiritualist.

I hope my blog inspires you to try something, be something and believe in something. Thank you for all the support, I’m wrapping my arms around you virtually, may peace and love guide your heart.

instagram is @ashanteswrite

You can find my published poems/works in general on these online literary magazines and sites:

Petrichor (Issue 20)
Anti-Fragile Magazine
Every Woman Collection
Xpress Magazine Issue 4 (pg. 30)
CPH News
Me for the International Relations Department SFSU
Sad Girl Review
Sutro Review
The Voices Project
Pensive Journal (issue 1)
Petrichor (Issue 16)

Ashanté J. Ford


You can keep this blog alive by purchasing my book or donating to me directly on my donations page:


also here is my venmo, cashapp & paypal:

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