To What is Love, We Surrender

.08 listen as we read along ❤

“What is Love?”

I ask the timeless question, always provoked by my emotions

Mariah Carey if that shit is sweet

I wrap my head up in thoughts of you

Ideas of a Love to fill me whole –

Inside and out 

of who I am.

“What is Love?”

I imagined it filled with pink skies, chocolate kisses, daisies and sunsets

I imagined it like the taste of cotton candy and the feeling of a fireplace- 

warm, safe, and calm.


I got tickles, confusion, foresight and pregnancy scares.

I got rain in the middle of August and hands full of me for you to take.

“What is Love?”

I let Love consume me after hours- 

at dawn, at midnight, 

early in the morning during 4 am prayer as we wrestled with thoughtless ideas and let our bodies become one

I let Love into me

It became my force of being even when you left

Let me explain:

Love is who I am. 

Love is who is Music.

Love is who is a Friend, a Mother, a Teacher, a Cousin, a Cat.

Love is Love.

I used to dive deep into my complexity and question whether or not it could be handed to me and taken away,

Now I figure-

Love just is.

Yeah we get scared of it, we embrace it, then

We embody it. A shift. 

Love is easy if you let it be just flowing through you,

Every particle, crack, and crevice, every flaw

Every abrupt and too early regret 

We surrender 

To Love. 

We surrender to it.

Forever & Always, your Angel Ash ❤

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