This shoot was one of my favorites with a local artist I enjoy- Sleepychi.

“Good music inspires me.  And that feelin’ of creating something that you actually like, that YOU made, is different..”

My personal favorite song by him is Gameover. The way the song feels is a mixture of nostalgia and euphoria. Kinda like this shoot 🙂

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“With my music, I just want to create timeless records. I don’t really care about clout or nun, I just wanna create the best music I can so I can hear that shit lit.”

Sleepychi is coming out with a new project very soon titled: “Isn’t Love Strange II” it’s filled with tons of art designed by the man himself. Whether it’s canvases or clothes, he’s excited to expand his artistry as part of his brand.

So y’all please do me a favor and listen to this mans music! He’s next up.

-xoxo Ash

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