777: The angel number 777 is a sign of fortunate circumstances occurring in your love life. The angels remind you to become open to receive love, and excellent new opportunities will appear before you. Open your heart and expect miracles to happen soon.


destroy hope.

we sit in wake-

of beautiful things &

pretty thoughts.

the first taste of solace in the darkness seeping from the corners of our



drowsy under the skin.

i let you in,

through the gate with the key, 

a special latch at the top of the door.

follow me down the tilted corridor and up past the kitchen-

enter me from inside my mind.


we played hooky after midnight on presido ave.

i never liked it when you laughed at me.

we always fell short of love every time

we even floated with the idea just to drift into mania

we came up with insane revelations, 

carved out chunks of our hearts just to watch each other bleed,

a valley of broken strings and we 

were the puppeteers. 


boy stop.

you slip into my dreams, trickle down my lips like a distant memory, something about the bullshit really turns me on.

it’s whatever though, i left you on read a week ago. but why am i still considering replying?

every sad song reminds me of you, we never missed a beat. or maybe that’s just my mind playing tricks on me.  


new shoes.

stop me if i’m wrong but-

a new pair of shoes feels like stepping into paradise,

especially when they fit right,

when the arch in your heel matches your back,

when you look down and realize-

i’m standing. 

when you look up and realize-

i am. 


casual encounters.

another victim, 

slain by an overwhelming amount of lust, intertwined with charm

we looked for potions all-night, we dug up time capsules and painted pictures of adinkras-

the falsified love followed her into the deep parts of her stomach,

the butterflies were vehement. her mind couldn’t let the thoughts leave.

a tragic fall. 

the blue velvet,

the enticement. 

a forever casual encounter.


track 5 of negro swan.

a chain of benevolence wrapped around her neck.

we danced all night, talked about basquiat and exchanged numbers over whiskey moscow mules. we left our jewelry on the nightstand. loved the night away. lifted the morning into our hands, shoved it in our pockets- in case we ever wanted to rewind. 

the first night was easy. everything tasted perfect. our bodies danced to the rhythms of our heartbeats. hot and sweaty. sweaty and hot. nothing could compare to the first night. 

a chain of benevolence left on the nightstand. 


– thank you for reading my poems. they came to me through these images. love Ashanté

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