As we go through this pandemic, millions of thoughts have passed through our minds. I can only tell my story about how I’m dealing with it– but it’s going rather well? I think a lot what I’m feeling in terms of emotions has manifested through a creative lens. Also, a grateful attitude. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with my family through this period and that has allowed me to burrow into who I am.

I recently started writing in this generational book titled, “The Story of My Life.” the questions in the book are so profound that they’re hard to comprehend. I have learned a lot about myself through asking questions and it’s been humbling. I feel that a lot of the time, people don’t stop to do the inner-work before questioning themselves.

One time, I wrote this poem titled “I am not my mother’s child,” with time, I grew out of that. I am everything that my mother is, as I am my father. Knowing your roots are what makes you, you. If you want to understand “why” you feel a certain way, why you’ve reacted a certain way or understand how you were blessed with so many gifts and talents… you have to look inward. It’s such a simple task, that it’s hard.

I can’t say much for people who don’t have good relationships with their family, but I can advise you to learn despite that. There is growth in understanding and love is always a phone call away.

Some of my favorite things to do are look through old photos, journals, posts, etc. They compensate for a lack of newness. I say, dip into your past. Try to visualize how you used to feel in particular moments. Make it regular to acknowledge your inner child.

In times like these, it is important to understand what you’re rooted in, and what grounds you. There is a light inside all of us that allows us to continue loving and living despite anything else. Take that how you want to, but we’re lucky to have even made it this far. Each day that passes is closer to our last. Surround yourself with people, and things that make you feel whole, even if something like a pandemic feels like it’s in the way. Grab a phone, a laptop, a pen and paper… write a fucking letter if you have to.

Love will always find its way to you.

P.S. Look in the mirror; there lies all the love you need.

– Sending you abundant love and light. Sincerely, your virtual confidant ❤

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