Don’t Text Me

If I’m being completely honest, I hate how attached I and everyone else is to their phones. It’s one of the most annoying things about humanity today. It sucks to feel like I’m being pressured to not interact with people because they’re all on their phones. It’s so weird.

According to Inc, the average person spends over 4 hours a day on their devices.

I remember when I was younger (10-12 years old), I would cry when my mom took my phone away because I was that attached to it. It felt like she was taking away half of me when she did that. It’s literally an object we use to communicate and now we can’t even sit down and talk to each other in a normal way.

Now that I’m older, I understand human interaction a lot better. I try to put my phone down when I’m hanging out with friends or talking to people because it’s extremely rude to be on your phone when you’re with someone. It’s a lot easier to just enjoy their company.

I wish that phones and social media weren’t so necessary or needed in the society we live in but it’s normalized.

All of these things are distractions to keep us away from seeing the world the way it really is. It’s normal to keep your eyes fixated on your phone or on the ground when you pass someone on the street. It’s normal to date and meet people through apps. It’s normal to create an online persona that is nothing like you at all.


Why do we keep letting this shit bind us? We all know it’s only a tool for mind control while we mindlessly consume a bunch of stuff that is either not real (and we believe it) or something that is actively working against us like Ads for some jeans we were talking about with one of our friends.

Also, something to add is that I’m totally guilty of over-consuming social media and being desperate to touch and hold my phone wherever I go. It sucks. It’s awful. I’m consciously aware of my addiction.

Are you?

-Tap Out

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