Freedom in the Hands of Love: A Series.

original art

Agony Dressed in Black

They can’t hear my cries, although my tears fill up wishing wells–
tipping over and quenching the thirst of Mother Earth.
My heart is aching as our tears get swallowed into currents,
as they swim below me, their spirits live in the water, blessing all of the sea.
Throne into agony– everything is Black.
My tears are made of Gold to dress my deceased brothers and sisters,
They swim below me.
They wrap their arms around me in times of need,
Leading me into my unconscious mind and–
I never knew them in person, just by name and by history,
But they are a kin to me.
I’m planting flowers around their tombstones, wishing them well.
Life lives in Black like my skin sprouting cherry blossoms
from the spine of my back,
But it hurts.
Knowing I could die because my skin is so consciously determined as a weapon
My voice can be silenced by one shot of a gun.
My people are angels of the sea,
Lost in this upsetting America as our skin reflects the sun and glistens
Gold, Pecan, Mahogany, Dove, Brown and all black as can be.
My people
Dressed in Black as their skin matches the soil–
dropping seeds of change with every step we take.
My people
living to fight alongside Angels.
My people
swimming in the ocean long after death
Let it Be Known–
that Agony exists through light So we feel it all.
As my ancestors wrap their arms around me and guide me into kingdoms of my
Where BLACK is the literal definition of a kind, caring and loving human

A sea of Eternal Peace


                                                              Part II: Slow Burn
The climate is dense with tension sifting through the wind,
Life seems unpredictable as we slowly grab onto bits of forgotten memories
and the sun beams through our eyes–
we wish we were blind.
But knowing gives us Strength.
The Israelites are our forgotten prophets
as this world’s so unchanged depravity pokes holes at our peace–
our Peace so unrealistically derailed as we get on our knees and Pray.
Pray for our nephews, for our sons, our fathers and our people who are
Walking, Breathing, Targets.
Fire ignites in their eyes when they see people like Us–
Beaming with hope as we push past the will and “control” of these
Godforsaken gatekeepers and
string our brothers and sisters along through–
Change in the way we walk, Change in the way we talk,
As they,
As they so thoughtlessly kill in the name of “Jesus”
Black bodies on the ground.
Black bodies on the T.V. screen.
Black bodies mutilated and shown, dead outside on the street–
Black bodies, their spirits finally free–
Dancing happily inside of our living bodies, mingling with our spirits
as we
Say and remember their names.
Proud of our skin. Our Black skin.
Our agency grabs us by the hand because we are not going to burn like them.

                                        -And we still stand


Part III: Resolve
A revolution settles in the mind of a Black free Man,
A Black free Woman,
living in time with struggle sitting at their doorsteps,
But waking up indifferent,
As we realize that our oppression will no longer consume us.
We will not let it.
Revolution resides in the pockets of our mind and
every other color knows it to.
The only resolve is a revolution.
Why you think they so scared?
Because they know.
They know that we are descendants of Kings and Queens
and that
Our Country is beautiful, so beautiful and rich that we can harvest
Gold and Diamonds from the soil and water beneath our feet.
They know the secrets in our skin, protecting us from the sun and
Burning them.
They know the secrets that reside in our wide hips, our voluminous lips,
and our brown eyes that match our skin.
They know our minds, tricking us into believing we are the least evolved,
Keeping secrets and telling us that THEY discovered the symbols of
Ancient KMT.
Telling us Egyptians are not Africans.
Denouncing our Deity’s and forcing their false interpretations of religion
down our throats
Leading us to believe in this damn “Great White Hope”
“Know thy self” Black Man.
Stand up Black Woman.
Any person of Color, just please…

join hands and love each other.



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