Friends with Roller-Skates

The things I see on Thursday afternoons–

Hues of pink and orange and a pretty girl basking in the sunlight. I listen to the water splash onto the horizon and send echoes that whisper into my ears. I smoke a green goblin and I catch a Scooby-snack in the back of my throat. Shit really feels good. I pass my smile onto my friends who laugh like hyenas, cackling in the moonlight.  Life feels right in the moment. A smile in my direction, a butterfly floats my way, the sky kisses my cheek and a light shines through my heart. Rolling around under the skies and listening to heartbeats follow rhythms of tandem bikes. Everything just feels alright. I’m lighting up a joint in the hammock, the flowers next me start to call my name. Heaven falls to ground. Glitter falls all over my face and rainbows touch my feet. I’ve got roller skating friends, people that dress like Dutchmen and a laugh that could brighten anyone’s day.

-Randomizing Pretty Thoughts

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