Summer Songs

I could never imagine summer being any different. I danced, I sang, I fell in love, I made friends that’ll last a lifetime and for the first time, I understood that love; comes from the deepest parts of you. I found love in people who pushed me towards being strong for my sake and being better for my sake. People who love me, tend to show up often in my life and their love is unconditional. How could I forget about that love? The love you have for friends and companionship. I couldn’t even allow myself to be sad about a boy who wanted so badly to exit my life because my friends were too busy shoving me in the right direction. It’s funny, because I used to think that I was hard to love. When love, resides in the corners of my lips and expands when I smile. I could never look at myself before and be happy with who I was until this summer. I looked in the mirror and saw myself, my entire self for the person whom I’ve always dreamt of being. It’s a lot to grasp but, for the first time I figured that I was in tune with everything and love just fell from my fingertips. I was glowing and everything I touched, would glow to.

-Thank you, to all of my summer friends who will last a lifetime

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