Monologue 1/3

I ain’t no goth bitch. I don’t. Worship. Satan. I keep my mind open and my mouth closed. I carry myself from head to toe and, to walk, I pull a string up and down connected to my head. I’m a puppet. I wear a lot of black to symbolize my patronizing agony, the mourning for my ancestors, the scars embedded in their backs. I wear a lot of fucking black. To blend into my dark undertones. For me to disappear at night so the police won’t see me. I wear my skin above my arms. I’m not real to these people. I was property to them. They can’t feel me. They can’t look like me. They can love my skin. They can hate my skin. THEY can tell ME that colors look pretty, they go nicely with my skin—my skin as black as night, my skin so hated, my skin so dark that you could mistake me for the night. While her skin, so pale, so white. You call it pure, you call it nice, you call it fair. While BLACK is so dark that it’s satanic. It’s evil. All the monsters play in the dark. But me, I am a friend to the darkness. I’m covered from head to toe in black. I wear my life on me. I can dress up. I can put on makeup and I can wear yellows and creams but what will you even see? The color I exude is as purple as the bruises you get after a sucker punch to your left eye. I wear black to pronounce who the fuck I am. I am not the darkness that you think is evil. I am royalty. I am divine. I am majestic. Dressed from head to toe in all fucking black. But you won’t look at me and call me a queen. You can’t see past my blackness. You can’t hear me when I sing “look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich” all you see is a stuck up black bitch. Did you even gaze into my eyes or did you watch me fade into my clothes? Did you see my hair change color in the light? Did you ever see the roots of my kinky hair or did you call in nappy and dirty from afar? Did you even see me? My skin glistens in the sun. Black compliments my melanin. Anything compliments my complexion… except you.

-A piece I read to a class of over 100 people, all shades were present

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