Glad you Left

You became my home.
You took my hand and told me you’d never let go.
You looked deep into my eyes,
Caressed my soul
Then tunneled into my chest.
You searched for a heart and when you saw her,
It was so big and so full that you decided to take
And take.
Until I had nothing but the color red left.
You dug a hole in my heart and opened it up so big
That I couldn’t figure out how to close it,
So when you left—
People began to enter it.
They planted daisies around my insides,
Sprinkled them with rose petals and I
Basked in the sunlight.
I began to glow so hard that my shine became unavoidable,
Thanks to you,
Now I know that I am better, more beautiful and brighter,
Then you will ever be.

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