Some Reflective Thoughts on 2020.

As the year comes to a close, many thoughts fill the inside of my skull. The first being an epiphany, “I survived.” The other being the phrase: “I am grateful.” It’s hard for me to gauge where to start when thinking about all we have endured this year. It has been a year of pain,…

To What is Love, We Surrender.

“What is Love?” I ask the timeless question, always provoked by my emotions Mariah Carey if that shit is sweet I wrap my head up in thoughts of you Ideas of a Love to fill me whole – Inside and out  of who I am. “What is Love?” I imagined it filled with pink skies,…

Honoring, You.

A song that’s been on repeat for me is called “Enough” by Kelela, ft. Ahya Simone. As she sings into my ears while the harp follows her melodies, I can’t do anything except feel at peace. She whispers towards the end, “Just hold on… hey” and it plays through my ears like a distant lullaby-…


This shoot was one of my favorites with a local artist I enjoy- Sleepychi. “Good music inspires me.  And that feelin’ of creating something that you actually like, that YOU made, is different..” My personal favorite song by him is Gameover. The way the song feels is a mixture of nostalgia and euphoria. Kinda like…

Bermuda Melt x Ashy Productions

I had the pleasure of working with an old friend in this smooth little number, and not only is this my FIRST time shooting a music video, I got paid for it. Thank you Samuel. -Ashy Productions. You can find more Bermuda music here & here.

Heaven on Earth

Myha- Heaven is an angel of this earth. She is a Film/Digital Cinema major from Sacramento who constantly pushes herself creatively (definitely one of my inspirations). Her mediums include: film photography, videography, digital art, sewing and writing. You can find her on instagram @messymoonbaby. xoxo- Ash  


This photoshoot was nothing slight of a dream with Sydney. “It’s just like playing a character honestly.” Sydney is a pop musician who produces and writes her own music. She’s pretty cool if you ask me. Creative Direction, Style, Makeup, Photo + Edit all by me ❤ Listen to Sydney use her instruments here